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RetireJS Eclipse plugin

NOTICE: this is the path for an Eclipse plug-in, please (in Eclipse) select… Help… Add New Software… and enter this folder path as the URL.

The latest release of this asset is version '1.2.5-SNAPSHOT'.

Eclipse Console Output

In English, while software developers are creating websites they often use open-source libraries such as jQuery to simplify their development. Eventually, almost all software is identified as being vulnerable to various attacks. This tool makes it easier to scan and report on libraries that might be used in an application so that they can be updated or replaced.

This plugin was inspired by the RetireJS project that is available for many platforms. With the use of this extension, developers can scan their applications during development within their IDE instead of exiting to a command line or building with maven.

NOTE: Your Eclipse IDE may have several different 'Console' tabs open at the same time, you may have to select the one named 'RetireJS'.

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